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Do you have dirty mats all over the place and your landlord is getting sick of it? If so, you may be flipping through the phonebook and hoping for a miracle. When you’re in a pickle and you need a powerful performer on your side, we’re here to help. We can send a rug cleaning specialist your way to have your debacle debunked in a dash.

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  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
  • Safe Cleaning Products Around Kids
  • Professional & Skilled Technicians
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We Fix Raggedy Rugs

Rug Cleaning Houston

Rug shampooing is one of the many ways we get your matting meticulously immaculate. We use mighty shampooers that renovate as they run over your materials. Your favorite Houston Rockets mat will be spotless in a pinch when you enlist our services. Sit back and watch James Harden drop 50 on the Lakers while we get to work.

Texan Professionals

Green Carpet Cleaners

At Ducts Cleaning Houston, we always stay close to our rug cleaning roots. We’re not afraid of doing things the old-fashioned way. Our grandparents taught us better than to give into society’s every demand. Hand washing rugs is still an effective way of getting the service call completed, and our sanitizers are not too proud to implement it. We understand that hard work comes in many forms, and we will always embody the form that fits your botheration.

We will provide a rug cleaning to you no matter how specific your need is. Do you have a blanket from Tokyo that needs to be restored? If your old sensei bestowed upon you a heartfelt gift, you can’t just hire anybody to take care of it. You need to choose wisely. If you need special treatment for oriental rugs, you can always depend on us to give it to you. Your Chinese comforters are in safe arms when you throw them to us.

There Are No Limits to What We Can Do

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Area rug cleaners are not just your run of the mill employee. They need to be strong and ready to improvise on a moment’s notice. Not every business holds their teams to this high standard, but this one does. You are looking at the website of the best hygienic heroes in Texas. When you need a rug cleaning done right, recall the name of Ducts Cleaning Houston and relax your way to victory.

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