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Cleaning home furniture is a simple and clean when you give us the reins. Were you in the middle of an important dinner when your boss spilled wine on your tablecloth? You probably gasped in shock as you watched this moment unfold. Perhaps you bit your tongue because you think you might be in the running for a juicy promotion. However, you are probably filled with rage every time you lay eyes on the crimson splotch. If this has happened, one of our upholstery cleaning guys will be there soon to work while you prepare for your big presentation tomorrow.

  • Fast, Friendly & Reliable Service
  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
  • Safe Cleaning Products Around Kids
  • Professional & Skilled Technicians
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques
  • State Of The Art Cleaning Equipment

We Fight Ferociously When Chairs Don’t Play Fair

Upholstery Cleaning Houston

We have every piece of technology you could want a neatness knight in shining armor to own. Our sofa steam cleaners use steaming wands that will wipe away the pain of those chili stains. Your heart will be filled to the brim with satisfaction when we bring back the home you once loved right before your very eyes. Upholstery cleaning is a breeze when you let us handle it.

Our Cleaners Hit a Home Run Every Time

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Our upholstery cleaning experts understand that life happens when we least expect it. Were you having a fun Friday night watching the Houston Astros game when catastrophe struck? Perhaps your favorite shortstop hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th and it caused elation in your dorm. If you spilled guacamole while high-fiving your best buddy in glee, wipe the sweat off your brow and exhale. We clean couch "hard to remove" stains.

Deep cleaning fabrics aren’t for everyone. Some enterprises aren’t up for the job. Don’t put up with technicians who cower in fear at the sight of a tough obstacle. Instead, call the ones who take pride in putting our customers in positions of power. We promise that we will always provide impeccable upholstery cleaning to you.

Texan Spirit You Know and Love

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In Texas, we don’t believe in 2nd place. We believe in having the pride of an American bald eagle when doing the job put before us. No matter what is happening in the country around us, Ducts Cleaning Houston promises to remember where we came from. When you want upholstery cleaning that sends a message, give us a call.

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